Offering Overview

Saudi Lime Industries Company, referred to hereinafter as “the Company”, announces its intention to proceed with the offering of two million (2,000,000) shares, representing 10% of its shares prior to the offering in the Parallel Market “Nomu”.
The Company obtained the approval of the Capital Market Authority on 26/12/2022G on its application above, and as such its share capital will increase to twenty-two million (22,000,000) shares.
The subscription in the shares of the Saudi Lime Industries Company is limited to the categories of qualified investors as set out in the glossary of defined terms used in the regulations and rules of the Capital Market Authority and the glossary used in the rules of the Saudi Stock Exchange (“Tadawul”).
The initial public offering of the Saudi Lime Industries Company consists of 100% of the total shares offered to qualified investors.

Chairman’s Message

As we seek to realize the Company vision and contribute to manufacturing sustainable products and building a better world, on behalf of my colleagues, members of the board, it is a pleasure for me to announce our intention to offer 10% of the shares of the Saudi Lime Industries Company in the Parallel Market “Nomu”. Our IPO is an ambitious step that we take today to anchor the leadership of the Company and reflect our long experience that extends to more than 46 years and to enhance our presence in the days to come, while reaffirming our financial strength, in line with our strategy that aims to achieve sustainable growth.
We have a commitment to achieve our mission in terms of developing and expanding the horizons of the lime industries to become leaders & innovators in our field and to be the first choice for customers. We are also committed to continuously put forward research and development efforts to provide greater opportunities and to move toward the future, working hand in hand with our dedicated team.
Since its inception in 1977G by an elite group of businessmen, Saudi Lime Industries Company achieved high growth rates despite several global crises, which we have overcome by the virtue our team’s experience. We have strengthened the Company and enhanced its position among its competitors as in the past year, our sales and profits increased by 7% and 6.5% respectively, which enabled the Company to carry out its strategies successfully.
I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate the commitment of the board to continue to maintain the Company’s leadership in the sector of lime industries and its derivatives. We are also committed to achieve the best possible growth rates, preserve the highest standards of governance and transparency, enhance operational flexibility and competitive efficiency, and focus on the corporate social responsibility as well as the key factors that support our commitment towards sustainability .
Abdulaziz bin Majid Abdullah Alkassabi

Our Journey

Competitive Advantages

Offering Timeline

Main Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

A leader in the lime industries and established in 1977G by elite businessmen from KSA and Kuwait, Saudi Lime Industries started as a limited liability company with a capital of SAR 21,000,000 and has developed to as a joint stock company with a capital of SAR 200,000,000.

The company produces several lime products such as:

  • (Calcium oxide) quicklime
  • (Calcium hydroxide) hydrated lime.
  • (Calcium carbonate) limestone
  • (Calcium and magnesium oxide) dololime.

The company has a large shareholding base that comprises more than 130 businessmen who work together in harmony, including but are not limited to:

Kuwaiti National Industries Company


Saudi Musheara Company Ltd


Aljomaih Holding Company Ltd


Alrashed Gulf Company for General Trade


His Highness Shaikh Mishaal Aljaber Alssobah


General Organization for Social Insurance


The Company will list its shares on the Parallel Market “Nomu”.

The subscription application will be available to qualified investors during the offering period via the electronic subscription system of the Financial Advisor and Lead Manager, Al-Khair Capital

Subscription to the offer shares is limited to the categories of qualified investors, as follows:

  • Clients of a financial market institution licensed to conduct management business, provided that the financial market institution has been appointed on conditions that enable it to take decisions regarding accepting participation in the offering and investing in the Parallel Market on behalf of the client without the need to obtain prior consent from him.
  • The government of the Kingdom, any governmental agency, or any international body recognized by the Authority, or the Exchange, and any other capital market recognized by the Authority, or the Depository Center.
  • Companies owned by the government, directly or through a portfolio managed by a capital market institution licensed to conduct management business.
  • Companies and funds established in the GCC countries.
  • Investment funds.
  • Non-resident foreigners who are allowed to invest in the Parallel Market and who fulfill the requirements stipulated in the Investment Guide of Non-Resident Foreigners in the Parallel Market.
  • Qualified foreign financial institutions.
  • Any other legal persons who may open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account with the Depository Center.
  • Natural persons who are allowed to open an investment account in the Kingdom and an account at the Depositary Center, and fulfill any of the following criteria:
  1. Has conducted transactions in security markets of not less than 40 million Saudi riyals in total, and not less than ten transactions in each quarter during the last twelve months.
  2. His net assets is not less than 5 million Saudi Riyals.
  3. Works or has worked for at least three years in the financial sector.
  4. Holds the General Securities Qualification Certificate which is recognized by the Authority.
  5. Holds a professional certificate that is related to securities business and is accredited by an internationally recognized entity.
  6. Any other persons designated by the Authority.

The number of shares that may be allocated to you depends on the allocation decisions that are made by the company and its financial advisor. If the subscription applications have exceeded the size of the offered shares, any excess money will be refunded to the investors.

No lock-up period or restrictions will be applied on the sale of shares after listing.