Our Commitment

From one generation to other generations to come, we have continued to maximize the impact of sustainability on our business practices, especially the ones that involve direct contact with the environment.

We further extend our commitment to the people of our Kingdom; the ones who are going to lead the future of the national mining sector to contribute to the prosperity of the Kingdom.

We embrace the Saudi Green Initiative & help in promoting the efforts to enhance the quality of life for generations to come.

Ensuring the company is run effectively and with integrity

  • Effective Governance
  • Group investment and strategy
  • Risk Management & Business Continuity

To reduce the environmental impact of our operations

  • Water Consumption
  • Oil consumption
  • Consuming limestone in an environmentally safe way
  • The use of lime as a contribution to reducing industrial gas emissions in the Kingdom

Playing a leading role in supporting our country and society

  • We seek to contribute to the support of social, cultural and sports program

Leadership in the business sector to create sustainable value

  • Product quality and innovation
  • Supply and logistics