IntroductionThe Saudi Lime Industries Company announces the appointment of Engineer Fahd Musaid Al-Rashidi as the Chief Executive Officer of the company and the modification of his membership status from an independent member to an executive member, effective from 1/12/2023, and the termination of the assignment of Mr. Ehab Mahdi Mufti, effective from 23/11/ 2023.
Type of appointmentAppointment
Chief Executive Officer’s nameFahad Musaid Al-Rashidi
Date of the Board of Directors’ DecisionAt 19/02/1445 – 04/09/2023
Commencement DateAt 01/12/2023
Brief CV OverviewEngineer Fahad Musaid Al-Rashidi holds a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering and an Executive Master of Business Administration from King Fahad University of Petroleum and Minerals. He is considered one of the outstanding national talents with over 25 years of experience in the industrial sector. The board of directors expressed their best wishes for his success in his upcoming responsibilities.