IntroductionSaudi Lime Industries Company announces the results of the ordinary general assembly’s meeting (first meeting) which held on Wednesday 25 Dhu al-Qa’dah 1444, corresponding to 14 June 2023 at 8:30 pm.
City and Location of the General Assembly’s MeetingBy means of modern technology in the company’s head office in Riyadh city.
Date of the General Assembly’s Meeting25/11/1444 Corresponding to 14/06/2023.
Time of the General Assembly’s Meeting20:30
Percentage of Attending Shareholders25.26%
Names of the Board of Directors’ Members Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting and Names of the AbsenteesThe following Board Members have attended the meeting: Mr. Abdulaziz Majid Al-Kassabi (Chairman).Mr. Hamad Mohammed Al-Saad  Deputy Chairman)Mr. Abdulaziz Tariq Al-Bassam.Mr. Bader Saleh Al-Essa.Mr. Abdul Majeed Hamad Al Jomaih.     The following members were absent from the meeting: Mr. Adel Khaled Al-Sabeeh.Mr. Saud Khaled Al Maghames.  
Names of the Chairmen of the Committees Present at the General Assembly’s Meeting or Members of such Committees Attending on Their BehalfThe following committee chairs were present:   Mr. Ali Al-Qahtani – Chairman of Audit Committee.   Mr. Abdulaziz Al-Bassam – Chairman of Nominations and   Compensation Committee.
Voting Results on the Items of the General Assembly’s Meeting Agenda’sApproved the annual report of the Board of Directors for the fiscal year ending on 31-12-2022.Approved the company’s auditor’s report for the fiscal year ending on 12-31-2022.Approved the consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ending on 12-31-2022.Approve the appointment of Baker Tilly) as External Auditor for the Company from among the candidates nominated based on the recommendation of Audit Committee, to review and audit the financial statements of the first, second, third, fourth and annual quarters of the fiscal year 2023  and the first quarter of the year 2024  and determine his fees.Approved the discharge of the members of the Board of Directors from their liability for the fiscal year ending on 12-31-2022.Approved the payment of SAR 1,400,000 as a remuneration to Board Members for the financial year ended 12-31-2022.Approved  the delegation of the Board of Directors with the powers of the Ordinary General Assembly, with the license mentioned in Paragraph (1) of Article 27 of the Companies Law, for a period of one year from the date of approval by the General Assembly or until the end of the session of the delegated Board of Directors, whichever is earlier, in accordance with the conditions stipulated in The executive regulations of the Companies Law for listed joint stock companies.