Sand Lime Blocks & Bricks

Calcium Silicate Hydrate

Calcium Silicate Hydrate, known as sand lime blocks or bricks are manufactured by mixing lime, sand, and enough water for the mixture to be molded.

They are then dried in an autoclave under high pressure {12-14 bar) and at high temperatures (160 – 200 C’).

These blocks & bricks are used for several purposes in construction industries, such as ornamental works in buildings, masonry works… etc.

Sand lime bricks are popularly used in Europe, India, and African countries.

Saudi Lime Industries Co. has been manufacturing blocks and bricks since 1977.

Most Common Applications Per Size:

Fire Resistance 

Ranking: V. Good
Notes: 4 hours resistance.


Ranking: Good
Notes: Better than other cementitious solutions.

Impact Resistance

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: The best performer in terms of solidness.

Heat Insulation

Ranking: V. Good
Notes, Very good thermal insulation properties.

Weight of Structure

Ranking: Good
Notes, Heavy structure.

Aesthetic Finishing

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: Available in different sizes, colors and appearances (smooth or rough).

Green Solution

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: Lowest CO2 to manufacture and absorb CO2 while aging. This product has high pH~10 and thus inhibits fungal formation.

MEP Integration

Ranking: Good
Notes: Easiness of connecting cables and plumb­ing accessories.

Ease of Use

Ranking, V. Good
Notes: Very easy mounting cutting and sawing. Mortar binder can be either be cementitious or lime based.

Water Absorption

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: Being produced under autoclave pores are reduced, thus durability is enhanced.

Life Cycle

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: Solutions over 50 years exists in KSA .ind still in excellent shape, estimated up to 100 years of longevity.

Solution Cost

Ranking: Excellent
Notes: Highly competitive when compared as a solution to other’s. There is no need for neither plastering nor painting.

Other Applications May Include, But Not Limited To:


Industrial Facilities


Load Bearing Structures


Decorative Facades