Calcium Hydroxide “Ca(OH)2

Hydrated Lime is produced by slacking of the Quick Lime using a special process, whereby a specified amount of water is mixed with Quick Lime Powder according to the following equation:

CaO + H2O — sufficient mixing Ca(OH)2

This process is performed with the help of fully automatic controlled machineries. It entails using a certain ratio of pure water with special mixing methods to hydrate the Quick Lime and ultimately get the Hydrated Lime (Calcium Hydroxide “Ca(OH)2”). The process ensures that the Hydrated Lime contains neither any moisture contents, nor free Quick Lime without slaking. The Laboratory Chemical Analysis and Physical Tests, which are carried out following effective quality control system, guarantee the product quality with an Analysis Certificate being issued.


The Hydrated Lime is classified into two main types according to purity:

  • Normal Hydrated Lime with minimum 90% Ca(OH)2, whereby 90% of grain size is < 90 micron.
  • Super Hydrated Lime with about 92-95% Ca(OH)2, whereby 99% of grain size is < 90 micron.

The High purity of our Hydrated Lime is what making it suitable for most of Industrial and Chemical applications. Moreover, it is not only non-toxic and considered a Food Grade material, but also non-hazardous, so it does not require special or cautionary handling.

Most Common Applications:

Hydrated Lime is available in powder form, and is used in various types of industries for multiple purposes, some of which includes, but not limited to:

Drinking Water Treatment

Desalination, Softening, PH Adjustment, Effect on pathogen growth, Removal of impurities.

Waste Water Treatment

Municipal and purification especially desulfurisation of Industrial waste water.

Bio-Solids Treatment

Chemical neutralization industrial sludge and petroleum wastes.

Flue gases Treatment

Dry and wet lime scrubbing, SO2 wet scrubbing, HCI and mercury removal.

Animal Waste Treatment

Control of excess nutrients, pathogens and odors.

Other Applications May Include And Not Limited To:


Mining Industry


Sugar Industry


Leather Industry


Chemical Industry


Cement Plastering


Building & Construction Industry